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Our services

The mystery and glamour that dresses the art world is often accompanied by legal contradictions, misinformation and unprofessional practices.

That is why we help artists, collectors, art dealers, art experts, private and public cultural institutions and authorities to navigate this complex world, using all the possible resources at our disposal to at least, make decisions based on the highest standards of due diligence and good faith.

In a market where it is questioned that an invisible artwork
can be plagiarized, quality advice is necessary


We provide regulatory, commercial and litigation advice, supported by more than 10 years of experience fully dedicated to the art market and the field of Cultural Heritage at main Spanish law firms and cultural institutions.

Private Law

  • Legal due diligence (research on ownership, intermediation, guarantees and charges)
  • Contracts
  • International Sales
  • Investment funds
  • Arte Finance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Artist's Estate
  • Inheritances

Public Law

  • Compliance programs for art business
  • Codes of conduct for cultural institutions
  • Anti-Money Laundering EU Legislation
  • Taxation
  • Art and Competition Law issues

Cultural Property

  • Export / Import
  • Restitution of looted heritage
  • Religious cultural heritage
  • Endangered Species / CITES
  • Underwater Heritage
  • International Cultural property conventions

Research & Valuations

Independence and impartiality are a maxim in our management. We approach each problem from a scientific and multidisciplinary paradigm, applying, according to the needs of each case, the empirical, formalistic and comparative method. We know that, in the documentary and bibliographic review, in the consultation of primary, secondary and tertiary sources of information, most of the answers can be found. Thus, and thanks to all this combined effort, we are able to offer the client an exhaustive, knowledgeable, technical, clear and evolved study.


  • Artistic due diligence
  • Provenance
  • Research of documentary sources: collection, processing, analysis and interpretation.
  • Art historical research
  • Photographic documentation
  • Condition Report


  • Expertise and authenticity reports
  • Cataloging and inventory
  • Purchase and sales operations
  • Financing
  • Insurance
  • Departments, wills, partitions, donations and deposits
  • Payment of Taxes
  • Applicaion for guarantees
  • Damage appraisal
  • Potential sale value
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