CALIOPE Art Law, an international art law boutique based in Madrid, is committed to efficiency, transparency and accountability in the art market. We help our clients “lift the veil” on transactions by offering them a taylor-made practice area exclusively dedicated to art and cultural heritage law, under the premise of effectiveness and discretion.

We combine legal and artistic advice, based on the key tools of research and due diligence, as well as on the cataloguing of the pieces by objective professionals with highly specialized and proven experience in the sector.

Although our main office is located in Madrid, we work internationally, keeping a close and cost-effective collaboration with top-end art law firms based in New York, Miami, Milan, London and Paris.


In a market where it is questioned that an invisible artwork can be plagiarized, quality advice is necessary

The mystery and glamor that dress the art world can be accompanied by legal contradictions, misinformation and unprofessional practices.

That is why we help artists, collectors, dealers, art experts, private and public cultural institutions and authorities to navigate this complex world, using all the resources at our disposal to, at least, make decisions based on the highest standards of diligence and good faith.

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